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About Us

This time especially throughout the pandemic has been extremely trying for many families. After working for almost 30 years in the field of rehabilitation and case management I have seen a lot and continue to support the residents of South Delta in their efforts to heal and return to the daily living days we are all familiar with.

I continue my education and training to include Exercise Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant services, Disability management programming as well as Mobility training and recovery practice.

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do within our community and believe that with the correct guidance, consistency and motivation we are able to better help each other live well after illness or injury.

Knowing the needs and people of this community I feel I am able to serve clients and families within this active community. I listen to the needs of residents and have dedicated the past 15 years to serving residents of South Delta.  

It is rewarding to witness people recovering and gaining the strength they require to lead a full and independent life. This is why I am committed to community rehabilitation, which focuses on functional activity, exercise and cognitive programming as well as socialization and community integration. The goal of each program is to see the client recover to their best independent quality of living through healthy and active programming.

Please call Motiv to see what 29+ years of education, experience and service delivery will offer you.

Contact Phone:

Office: 604-943-9955

Cell: 778-867-8514


Monday - Friday by appointment. Thank you.

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